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Our 5-Point Prospect Engagement Strategy builds profitable relationships that generate millions in new business

Companies we have worked with include:
Agilent Technologies, APC, Chief Executives Club, CEO Guild & CEO Wisdom Exchange, Deloitte, Duffy & Sweeney Ltd., EDS, Enterprise Club, Hewlett-Packard, HomeBuyer Agents, HPE, Lehman Brothers, Living Environments, Louis Vuitton, Luce, Forward, Hamilton & Scripps, Meridien Benefits, Stanley-Bostitch, Trainer Brand & PR, Vistage International, Whitbread, Xerox, etc.

Chief Lion Herder

Robert E Fiske

Founder & CEO
Chief Lion Herder

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Robert is able to connect with and influence top decision makers. He has an instinct for creating world-class thought leadership programs that drive significant incremental sales.”
—Richard Hellyer, Director
          HP Non-Stop Servers

My passion is figuring out what it takes to inspire decision makers to choose to invest their time to come and learn about a company's thought leadership and engage in the kind of conversations that result in profitable business relationships. Seeing the lights going on in the eyes of these decision makers and the relationships being formed is what feeds me."      — Robert E. Fiske

Robert Fiske pioneered Hewlett-Packard's first global sales and marketing program designed specifically to build relationships with C-suite decision makers. The program Robert designed and led included the creation of a World Business Leader Forum that brought Fortune 500 C-level executives together with HP’s leadership, technology thought leaders, and sales executives. This nine-month, $2-million program generated over $300-million in incremental sales in the following 18-months—the most successful sales & marketing program in HP’s history  (based on ROI).

He has a track record of creating and orchestrating the highest ROI B2B customer engagement programs in Fortune 500, midmarket and smaller firms.

Robert has also founded and led several CEO organizations—attracting and engaging the top executives of well-known multibillion-dollar corporations.

He has held various marketing leadership positions (from program manager to CMO) in Fortune 500, mid-market, smaller companies and consultancies.

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