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We Help Our Clients Herd Lions – Decision Makers

Does your company sell high-value services or solutions to other businesses?


Are you using sponsorships and events to build brand awareness and generate leads?


Would you like those activities to also shorten sales cycles, reduce your cost of sales, and significantly accelerate sales growth?


Businesses that add our 5-Point Prospect Engagement Process™ to their current sponsorship, conference, tradeshow and event marketing activities report shorter sales cycles, reduced cost of sales, and significantly accelerated sales growth


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We believe that every day
one of your salespeople cannot reach a decision maker
is another day without that potential revenue

Adding our 5-Point Prospect Engagement Process™
to your current sponsorship, conference,
tradeshow and event marketing activities will
shorten your sales cycles and accelerate sales growth

The program worked exceptionally well. It cut the time to connect with top Northrop-Grumman execs by 6 to 12 months. We are now providing solutions for projects that, prior to this, were impossible to penetrate."
—Don Quackenbush, HP

This program resulted in an extra $50K per month from Hamilton Hallmark. And while relationship building has always been part of my sales process, this had a much greater impact without additional cost."
—Dan Hawtof, iSuppli

Although we've been selling to Philips Semi-conductors we were not at the executive level. Because of your program, we are now discussing a new $1M system and are on the short list for another $1M deal."
—Steve Kramer, EDS


Open the Door to Millions in New Business

Our 5-Point Prospect Engagement Process™
Rapidly Wins Over High-Potential Decision Makers



Invite Prospects

– before the event –

Start a multi-phased invitation process that intrigues, oozes exclusivity, and speaks directly to the decision makers' challenges

→   2   


Showcase Expertise

– during the event –

Demonstrate your understanding of prospects' needs and how your solutions are the best remedy now and in the future

→   3   


Engage Prospects

– during the event –

Listen to decision makers candidly discuss the obstacles they are dealing with and share how your solutions have worked for others

→   4   


Share Experience

– during the event –

Participate in a one-of-a-kind thought-provoking experience that creates a "wow" memory your prospects will want to recount

→   5   


Complete Sales

– after the event –

Meet privately with prospects, deliver event related materials, explore needs, discuss appropriate solutions and close the sale

Your sales executives are integrated into every step
from pre-invitation through post-event client meetings


Prior to this, I do not think I could even have gotten on a BellSouth VP’s calendar. I am now able to pick up the phone any time and set up a meeting with their top executives."
—Scott McNinch, Global Accounts Manager

Results: Millions in New Sales

Client Work – Case Studies


Fortune 500
Tech Company

Lack of C-suite relationships was resulting in the loss of many business opportunities

Results: $214.3M*
*Incremental Sales

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Management Consultancy

Long sales cycles were keeping this company from meeting its annual revenue growth goals

Results: $9.4M*
*Incremental Sales

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Conference and tradeshow expenses were high and were not effective at selling prospects

Results: $18.5M*
*Incremental Sales

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Financial Services Firm

Growth of the firm's corporate investment management services unit was not meeting annual goals

Results: $39.7M*
*Incremental Sales

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Growing Software Company

The cost of sales was too high due to a lack of openness to a non-traditional next generation solution

Results: $1.9M*
*Incremental Sales

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Global IT

The company wanted to increase sales to Asia-Pacific-based Global 2000 companies

Results: $397.2M*
*Incremental Sales

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