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The lions we herd are decision makers, but we care deeply about real lions

Since the dawn of man, the lion has played an integral role in our lives: symbolically, religiously, culturally, economically, biologically and in the brand of this business. The lion is moving toward extinction. To lose the lion from our world would be to lose an important part of our cultural heritage.

The global lion population has declined by half in just a quarter century

Despite the importance of the lion to us, and our historic fascination with the king of beasts, few of us understand the threats facing lions, consequently our actions to save them are minimal. The time is now to acknowledge our responsibility to save them and take whatever action each of us can.


Watch this brief film narrated by Leonardo DiCaprio.

Learn more:

 • Lion Recovery Fund – Recovering Lions, Restoring Landscapes

 • World Lion Day – Saving the King of Beasts to Save Ourselves

 • Panthera Organization – The State of the Lion

 • Wildlife Conservation Network – Niassa Lion Project

 • Lion Fact Sheet – a 2-page PDF by the Panthera organization

 • Beyond Cecil: Africa's Lions in Crisis – a 27-page PDF by Panthera


Bring Lions Back:

The Lion Recovery Fund maintains a 100% donation model—every dollar donated goes directly to the best projects to recover lions, with zero administrative or overhead fees taken.

Please support the most effective projects to recover lions and restore their landscapes:



Join us in supporting Lion Population Recovery by purchasing one of these plush lions — 100% of all profits received from your purchase will be donated to the Lion Recovery Fund*

* The Lion Recovery Fund was created by the Wildlife Conservation Network (WCN) in partnership with the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation (LDF).


Leonardo lives up to the meaning of his name "Brave Lion" with a life-like multi-toned full lion mane. Leonardo is a zoo-quality Wild Republic™ stuffed toy by K&M. He measures 10" H x 8" W x 12" L (18" incl. tail); 13.4 ounces, plush polyester & acrylic.

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Cecil is named after one of Africa's most famed lions. Cecil is a beautiful, life-like crouched lion with a full mane. Cecil is a high-quality Nat and Jules™ stuffed toy by Demdaco. He measures 8" H x 6" W x 11" L (15" incl. tail) and is 8 ounces and made of plush polyester & acrylic.

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  * 100% of all profits received from your purchase will be donated to the Lion Recovery Fund.

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