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Example  Description of Client Sponsorship & Event Spend Sales Before ROI
 A  Fortune 500 Technology Corp $1.9M $214.3M 113:1
 B  Management Consultancy $150K $9.4M 63:1
 C  Server Manufacturer $220K $18.5M 84:1
 D  Financial Services Firm $430K $39.7M 92:1
 E  Growing Software Company $32K $1.9M 59:1
 F  Global IT Company $4.7M $397.2M 86:1

— Actual measured and audited results —

AFortune 500 Technology Company with best-in-class products and services was losing too many new business opportunities to competitors due to weak or non-existent relationships with C-suite decision makers.

Objective: Showcase the company’s technological leadership and vision for the future and build trust-based relationships between top decision makers and the company’s major account sales executives.

Strategy: Create must-attend events that capture the interest of targeted C-level decision makers and facilitate relationship building with decisions makers by integrating the sales executives into every phase of the program.

Leverage: Offer decision makers a peek into the future of technology, peer discussions about challenges and solutions, and an exclusive inside view of how Bill Koch was using teamwork, talent and technology to win the America's Cup.

Implementation: Exclusive world-class events & retreats that included:
• 2-Day World Business Leader Forum featuring the host company CEO and Bill Koch
• Roundtable discussions with respected peers and industry experts
• Unique social activities hosted by the decision makers’ sales executive
• Exclusive inside access to a global competition and the participating athletes
• White papers and memorabilia delivered in after-event sales meetings

Total Investment:  $1.9 million (including all sponsorships and event related expenses)

• 295 targeted decision makers attended one of five different events
• $214.3M in incremental sales from the participants’ companies after 12-months
• $334.4M total incremental sales measured 18-months after the program

• 113:1 after 12 months
• 176:1 after 18 months

World Business Leader Forum

The SVP of Analog Devices introduced me to his CEO. I would never have developed these key relationships if I had not had the opportunity to host the SVP at the World Business Leader Forum that you made happen.”
        —Ed Rudolph, VP Sales


CEO Conference

Three superb events, conversations with 43 targeted CEOs, and almost $10-million in new engagements so far. Absolutely brilliant work!”
        —Tony Smith, EVP

BManagement Consultancy working with Fortune 1000 CEOs had an exception track record, but long sales cycles that were keeping it from meeting its annual revenue growth goals.

Objective: Shorten the sales cycle by rapidly gaining the interest of targeted CEOs, showcase the consultancies’ innovative, results-focused thinking & track-record, build trust-based relationships with theses CEOs and begin the type of conversations that result in consulting engagements.

Strategy: Create must-attend regional events focused on how Fortune 1000 CEOs have successfully created a corporate culture that increased innovation, customer satisfaction, growth and profitability.

Leverage: Offer decision makers a glimpse in to the future with Bob Johansen, an internationally renowned business futurist.

Implementation: Three exclusive regional CEO forums that included:
• CEO briefings by Bob Johansen & the consultancy's CEO
• Panel discussions with respected peers and industry experts
• Unique social activity hosted by the decision makers’ sales executive
• White papers and Bob Johansen book delivered in after-event sales meetings

Total Investment:  $1.9 million (including all speaker and event related expenses)

• 63 CEOs attended one of three regional events
• $9.4M in new consulting engagements within 9-months

ROI: 63:1

CServer Manufacturer with highly competitive products wanted to get a much higher ROI on their participation in an annual CIO conference.

Objective: Get the attention of Fortune 1000 CIOs, have them understand the performance, reliability and cost advantages of their servers and then engage in sales conversations.

Strategy: Create a stand-out, must-participate activity during the conference that attracts targeted CIOs, communicates the benefits of the company’s products and connects CIOs with their sales executives.

Leverage: Offer targeted CIOs exclusive participation in an Exotic Auto Rally held during the CIO Week Conference.

Implementation: The Exotic Auto Rally program included:
• Invitations to drive an exotic sports car in a competitive street-speed, timed course
• Invited CIOs must contact their sales executive to sign-up
• Navigation required an understanding the benefits of the company’s servers
• Sales executives participated with their targeted decision maker as their copilot
• Commemorative gifts and photos delivered in post event sales meetings

Total Investment:  $220K (including all sponsorships and event related expenses)

• 42 targeted Fortune 1000 CIOs participated
• $18.5 million in new business from those accounts during the following 18-months

ROI: 84:1

Auto Rally

Each sales exec had 3 to 4 hours of time with their targeted CIO and the follow-up meetings deepened relationships. This strategy was very successful and it continues to deliver millions in additional new business.”
        —B. Baker, VP Sales

World Business Leader Forum

The strategy that Herding Lions created and directed for our company exceeded all expectations. It was directly responsible for over 150 new corporate clients.”
        —Brian Smith, SVP

DFinancial Services Firm wanted to grow its corporate investment management services business.

Objective: Create awareness of the value of utilizing their corporate investment management services, shorten the sales process and gain 100+ new corporate clients.

Strategy: Create uniquely-enticing and exclusive CFO forums around the country that would gain the interest and participation of targeted financial officers and communicate the value of their corporate investment management services, while building trust-based relationships with these financial officers.

Leverage: Offer participants an inside view into the unique financial and operational complexities of running an aircraft carrier and personal conversations with an Admiral.

Implementation: Ten Exclusive CFO forums that included:
• CFO Briefing on the corporate investment management strategies and best practices
• Round-table discussions: how a rapidly changing world is impacting the role of the CFO
• Dinner presentation by Admiral on the unique challenges of carrier and fleet management
• White papers on financial thought leadership delivered in after-event sales meetings

Total Investment:  $430K (including all speaker and event related expenses)

• 318 CFOs participated; 162 became corporate investment management clients
• $39.7 million estimated incremental net profit growth (the following year)

ROI: 92:1

EGrowing Software Company with enterprise financial software needs to increase sales while reducing its cost-of-sales.

Objective: Open the minds and budgets of medium-sized company CFOs (and COOs) about the advantages of their innovative and comprehensive SAS financial management software products and exceptional customer support services.

Strategy: Create a symposium on the competitive advantage vs. impact of implementing new financial management software, positioning the company as the industry thought leader (best solution provider now and in the future), and build relationships between the decision makers and the company's salespeople.

Leverage: An exclusive event within a national conference.

Implementation: The symposium program included:
• Panel discussions with respected CFOs including those using the company's products
• Briefing about the future of mid-market financial management software as a service
• Sales executives participated with prospects and customers in a roundtable discussion
• Symposium summary paper and gift delivered in post event sales meetings

Total Investment:  $32K (including all conference and event related expenses)

• $1.9 million in new business from the companies of the CFOs who participated

ROI: 59:1

Auto Rally

Getting targeted CFOs in a room with our team and engaging in a discussion about the advantages of implementing our financial management solution opened the door to over a million in new business.”
        —Dan Olsen, VP Sales

World Business Leader Forum

We spent under $5M to create and host this event. The result was almost $400M in incremental sales.  This was the single most successful marketing campaign the company has ever sponsored.”
        —Dennis Johnson, PM

FGlobal IT Company with comprehensive, best-in-class enterprise computing and networking products and services.

Objective: Increase enterprise-wide products and service solution sales in large Asia-Pacific-based companies.

Strategy: Create an exclusive, world-class event that captures the interest of Global 2000 decision makers and showcases the company's research and thought leadership and position the company as the best-in-class IT solutions provider, while initiating trusting relationships with the company's major account sales executives.

Leverage: America's Cup and World Business Leader Forum.

Implementation: Four-Day Executive Retreat in Auckland New Zealand that included:
• World Business Leader Forum featuring the host company CEO and Prime Minister
• Roundtable discussions with Global 2000 peers and technology thought leaders
• A day with viewing the America's Cup race on Tom Perkins 142-foot sail yacht
• White papers and memorabilia delivered in after-event sales meetings

Total Investment:  $4.7 million (including all sponsorship and event related expenses)

• 18 Global 2000 C-level executives participated
• $397.2 million in incremental sales directly attributed to this program

ROI: 86:1

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